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Saputo Targets Families With 'Incredibles' Campaign
Frigo Cheese Heads leverages Disney Pixar film before release and during back-to-school season
By Ed Finkel

LincoLnshire, iLL. - Families both heroic
and ordinary are the target of a six-month,
two-part campaign that began in mid-May
and pairs Saputo Inc.'s Frigo Cheese Heads
brand with Disney Pixar's "Incredibles 2,"
which hit theaters a month later.
Saputo sought the tie-in because "we
knew 'The Incredibles' were a family everyone could identify with based on our shared
brand values of entertainment, family focus
and quality," says Brad Panarese, marketing
manager, retail dairy, Saputo Cheese USA.
The manufacturer also knew that 98%
of the U.S. population, 97% of parents and
92% of children ages 7-12 had heard of
the original movie, "The Incredibles," even
though the latter group was not even born
when the first movie came out in 2005.
In addition, 81% of the population, 83%
of parents and 85% of children consider
themselves fans, and more than 50% have
watched the film in the past year, and it is
still in the top 100 in all-time U.S. box office
revenues. Lastly, Walmart and Target had
already signed on for major promotions.
As an "all-family snack," Frigo Cheese
Heads paired well, Panarese says. "The 'Incredibles' franchise is about a very loving
but very busy and certainly on-the-go family
who just happen to be heroes. In a sense,
that's what our shopper is, too - moms and
dads who care and want to nourish their onthe-go family but need their own break, too."
The fully integrated marketing campaign
was scheduled to roll out in two waves: from
May 16 through July 21, and then Aug. 15
and Nov. 15 starting with the back-to-school
season. Frigo was a sponsor of the global
movie premiere in Hollywood, where attendees could sample string cheese and have
photos taken with the movie characters.
Out-of-store elements have included Saputo's promotional website, which hosts the "Frigo
Cheese Heads Incredible Game;" email

blasts; social media initiatives across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest; and multiple
digital efforts including the "super fan loyalty club" at
The first wave of the promotion dangled
$30,000 in prizes via the instant-win
game, including Best Buy and Fandango
digital gift codes, while the second wave
will drive consumers to retail and offer
$15,000 in prizes, including branded Disney backpacks and tumblers. The digital
touchpoints include a "Store Locator" link
to nearby retailers as well as coupons to
drive traffic.
In stores, Saputo used shelf talkers and
floor graphics from News America Marketing "to make the campaign feel like retail
theater within the usually restrictive dairy
aisle," Panarese says. "Beloved and popular
'Incredibles 2' characters enabled the brand
to bring Hollywood excitement to retailers
across the country." The floor clings "really
create stopping power," he says.
During the back-to-school portion of the
promotion, Panarese says, "The 'Incredibles 2' family will not just appear on pointof-sale, but they will also be on wrappers
of our most popular products. In this way,
moms and dads will be able to pack heroes
right into kids' lunchboxes - once again
making them heroes, too."

The 12 million promotional Frigo
Cheese Heads packages carry on-pack
stickers with an instant-win game piece
and coupon as well as inner packaging that
features the characters of "Incredibles 2."
Saputo worked with Ahold Delhaize to
expand and supplement the effort by developing a floor cling for Food Lion stores.
"The design spoke to making snacking incredible and featured a large 'Incredibles 2'
family pose, as well as Frigo Cheese Heads
packaging and logo," Panarese says. "Many
accounts received customized banner ads
with coupons for Frigo Cheese Heads
product." Additional elements included
custom signage, social media support and
cross promotion.
"Our partnership with Frigo Cheese
Heads has provided great opportunities
to support their business through the implementation of targeted digital elements,"
says Giant Eagle's Jamie Ennis, manager,
marketing, grocery/dairy/frozen/GM. "The
incremental digital media that was activated around the 'Incredibles 2' summer
program successfully targeted Giant Eagle
shoppers and has helped to include our
customers in the action. A willingness to
support exclusive offers and more targeted
digital programming are a few of the collaborative activations that make our part-

nership with Frigo Cheese Heads effective."
Saputo will measure the success of the
campaign by examining how the partnership deepens engagement with shoppers
and ultimately drives sales during the promotional timeframes. It will track digital
media results like impressions, engagements and registrations for the instant-win
contests, and also consider how the effort
builds closer ties with key retailers.
In addition to News America, Saputo worked with Hangar-12 Marketing
Group, Chicago, to manage and execute
most aspects of the campaign, including
digital media, social media content development, in-store design, games creation
and management, packaging design, and
vendor and partner management. Hangar-12 partnered with Centro, Inc., Chicago, for digital media and PrizeLogic,
Chicago, for game development.
Saputo has used a significantly larger
budget than usual for this campaign "in
order to deliver a total 360 integrated program - meant to impact consumers nationally as well as more targeted local programs for key customers," Panarese says.
"The (super) power of this collaboration ...
will help to elevate Frigo Cheese Heads as
a brand, by way of association, with family
fun and family snacking."
BRAND: Frigo Cheese Heads
KEY INSIGHTS: "The Incredibles" are a
family everyone can identify with that
shares Frigo's brand values of entertainment, family focus and quality.
ACTIVATION: A two-wave campaign -
first tying into the release of "Incredibles
2" and then the back-to-school season -
leveraged an online instant-win game and
other digital tactics that were supported
by dedicated packaging, in-store marketing and partnerships with retailers such as
Ahold Delhaize's Food Lion.

Growth Requires Knowing What Resonates With Shoppers
By Cyndi Loza

and the growing importance
oak Brook, iLL. - While sales
of sustainable products and
of honey have declined in the
the people that buy them.
past year, sales for SKUs using
"Knowing what is resonating
honey as a sweetener - such
with shoppers, knowing what
as vitamins and supplements,
claims and what attributes
pet food and processed meat
and which ingredients fit the
- have grown during the
mold by category is crucial to
same period. Similarly, inmaintaining growth in this
terest in coconut oil has dechallenging environment,"
clined over the last year, but
Schmansky said.
beauty, personal care and pet
According to Nielsen's
care products with coconut
Nielsen's Sarah Schmansky
2017 global survey on susoil as an ingredient have increased in sales. "There are brands that are tainability, 67% of consumers want to
... uniquely innovating with products that know everything that goes into the food
may not necessarily be growing as a cat- they buy. Moreover, 37% of consumers are
egory but that are resonating with consum- following a specific diet in 2018, up from
ers to fulfill some other type of need," said 35% last year and 29% in 2016.
One diet trend the company is keeping a
Sarah Schmansky, vice president, fresh
pulse on is plant-based products. Sales for
growth and strategy team, Nielsen.
Schmansky shared these and many traditional plant-based SKUs, such as tofu,
other insights during a May presentation granola and brown rice, have declined in the
at TransparencyIQ, a Path to Purchase past year, but innovation within the plantInstitute event, that shined a light on cur- based space has been booming with prodrent consumer trends and behaviors, the ucts such as veggie noodles and plant-based
impact of specific ingredients by category, yogurt, cream and pizza showing strong

growth, Schmansky said. She also added that
while artificial sweeteners, high-fructose corn
syrup and aspartame are declining, plantbased sweeteners stevia and monk fruit have
increased their dollar growth from last year.
Beyond ingredients and diets, consumers also care about how products are made.
According to Nielsen's survey, 68% of
Americans say it is important that companies implement programs to improve the
environment, 48% say they will change
their consumer habits to reduce their impact on the environment, and 67% will be
prioritizing healthy or socially conscious
food purchases this year.
"We care more about the world around
us," Schmansky said. "We want our purchases to impact the world in a better way
than in the past, and we're really asking
brands and companies to follow suit and to
help us make those better decisions."
Sustainable product shoppers are a growing group and tend to purchase products
online. Shoppers with a lifestyle of healthy
living and sustainability are 67% more likely
to be digitally engaged, 22% more likely to

shop on a handheld device and 12% more
likely to use handheld devices in the physical
stores, Schmansky said. Sustainable product
shoppers also tend to be more affluent with
families as they're 66% more likely to have
children under 6 and 47% more likely to live
in households with incomes of more than
$150,000, according to Nielsen.
Sustainable products in the past few
years have been expanding quite significantly as well with 64% of households
buying sustainable products (up 4% from
a year ago), Schmansky said. Specifically,
dollar growth for grocery SKUs with a
sustainability claim grew 6% compared to
a year ago while products with the same
claim in departments such as deli and meat
saw double-digit growth (upward of 56%).
Sustainability claims - such as nonGMO and Fair Trade Certified - on certain
products resonate more with consumers
than others. For example, sales for nutritional bars and coconut water that meet
the fair trade requirements are increasing
significantly while ice cream with the same
claim not so much.

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