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Label Insight Inks Deal With Topco Associates

Chicago-based Label Insight signed a multi-year deal
with Topco Associates, Elk Grove Village, Illinois. Topco
is a provider of innovative business solutions for its
food industry member-owners and customers. Under
the agreement, Label Insight
will provide high-quality product images alongside a large
and complete product attribute
data set to better inform Topco
stakeholders about the nutrient and ingredient composition of all Topco-procured private-label products.
Topco will become the first customer for Label Insight
Capture, a recently launched service providing marketing, planogram, and 360-degree product images.
News America Marketing Embraces Blockchain Tech:
New York-based News America Marketing is using incubating and testing with blockchain technology to
modernize how consumers, brands and retailers use
incentives. Blockchain is a digital ledger of economic
transactions that cannot be corrupted and can record virtually
everything of value. For incentives, it allows for greater transparency, accountability
and security for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Beta tests begin this fall and the company plans to
work with tech partners, retailers and brands interested
in testing and learning about this new approach to incentive programming.
Myxx Expands Recipe Platform at Kroger: Digital
shoppable recipes provider Myxx, Cary, North Carolina, expanded services into 443 Kroger-owned locations, including King Soopers,
Ralphs and Fred Meyer stores. is a free website, with real-time information
on store sales and location of
in-store products. Already in
various Harris Teeter and Kroger
stores, Myxx this year will continue expanding functionality across the remaining Kroger family of retailers.
ItemMaster Debuts WellnessMaster: Chicagobased ItemMaster, a cloud-based enhanced product
attributes platform, launched wellnessMaster, a solution that enables retailers to win at health and wellness
with consumers. Grocers subscribing
to wellnessMaster can connect wellness-minded shoppers with customized recommendations based on their
individual health goals or lifestyles
(paleo, vegan) and the specific attributes (such as organic and gluten-free) of the products they buy. The
service also is designed to integrate transparently with
existing store and e-commerce applications.
L'Oreal Acquires Modiface: L'Oreal, Paris, has acquired Toronto-based ModiFace, an augmented reality
company and collaborator in the beauty industry. The
acquisition is in line with L'Oreal's digital acceleration
strategy to provide its group's 34 international brands
with the most innovative technologies in terms of services
and beauty experience. ModiFace will be part of L'Oreal's
digital services factory, a dedicated network to design
and develop digital offerings for the group's brands.
ModiFace will work in close collaboration with L'Oreal's
advanced research but remain based in Toronto where
it has established many research partnerships.
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Meijer Focuses on Personalization
By Samantha Nelson

SCHAUMBURG, ILL. - Meijer is handling the
accelerating pace of change in retail by focusing on three things: customers, convenience and content. In a presentation at
the Path to Purchase Summit on March 14,
Meijer vice president of digital shopping &
e-commerce Art Sebastian discussed how
the Midwestern mass merchant is trying to
appeal to its diverse customer base through
"As retailers and manufacturers, it's important for us to figure out where consumer
mindsets are going," he said.
Meijer groups its shoppers into four different mindsets, each with their own needs:
■ The "master planner" is well-organized
and looks ahead to occasions months
in advance.
■ The "bold adventurer" enjoys wandering stores finding inspiration.
■ The "constant juggler" is time crunched
and constantly on the go.
■ The "simplicity seeker" wants to get in
and out of the store as quickly as possible.
The mass merchant envisions using technology to provide personalized experiences
for these unique shoppers. Sebastian mentioned a new function in development for
the retailer's mobile application that would
alert employees when a shopper is heading
to a store so that a constant juggler could
be greeted with coffee. That same function
could also help the simplicity seeker by
having someone bring him his prescription
while he walks the aisles so he doesn't have
to wait at the pharmacy. Meanwhile, Meijer
could also sync with the master planner's
Google calendar to suggest dishes, apparel,
or health and beauty care items based on
what occasions the shopper has coming up.
The goal is to deliver a seamless in-store
and digital experience that will make shoppers feel like Meijer knows them. Sebastian
acknowledges that will require a multiyear
project affecting many aspects of how the retailer currently
works, but he views that change as necessary to survive
the shifts in the market caused by the convergence of ecommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses evidenced by
moves like Amazon buying Whole Foods and PetSmart
"Let's face that change head on and change our companies and how we look at our customers quickly, or we
won't exist," he said. "You can't make one acquisition and

" Let's face that change head on
and change our companies and
how we look at our customers
quickly, or we won't exist."
Art Sebastian, Meijer

solve all the problems. You can't hire one leader and fix
everything. There is no silver bullet."
Meijer is already delivering personalized experiences
through its mPerks Rewards program, which arranges
deals based on shopping behavior so that the most relevant offers are at the top. It also recommends items based
on purchase frequency, predicting when a shopper might
be close to running out, and tailors product search results
to past preferences.

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