Shopper Marketing - January 2018 - 4




Please Stop Scaring My Wife


'm not much of a "holidays" guy. I think
that's because my late mother wasn't
much of a holidays gal. Back in the 1960s,
my family's Advent calendar tradition
was watching her get progressively overwhelmed by the decorating and shopping
and cooking and social obligations until
she snapped. "Who ruined Christmas?" became a running joke in the family. Sort of.
I can't imagine what my mother
would've done if expected to line up in
front of a store on a Thanksgiving Thursday, fight crowds on a Black Friday and
then glue herself to a mouse on a Cyber
Monday. Well, actually, I can: She'd channel her inner Nancy Reagan and "Just Say
No." And as I get older, I understand her a
little better every day.
Luckily, my wife has a healthier relationship with the holidays and her
mother. She is hyper-organized, technologically adept and price conscious. And

while she'd never line up, fight crowds or
cyber-stalk for your products, she does
read your damn'd emails. I'm looking at
you retailers, e-tailers, brand marketers
and all types in-between - because some
of you are scaring her.
Lest anyone dismiss email marketing
as hopelessly retro, according to analytics
company Divvit, over this most recent Black
Friday weekend, "email marketing had
more than five times the impact for Divvit's merchants than social organic and paid
channels." Google organic and paid had the
biggest impact on retailer sales - no real
surprise there - but email came in second.
The reason my wife got scared - and
yes, she's making me write this - is that
one morning in late September she received an email from a retailer thanking
her for her "recent purchase" (which is
nice) and offering her $25 off on a next
purchase (which is even nicer).

The not-so-nice bit was that, a) the
email appeared on her phone at 5:37
a.m.; b) she hadn't bought anything from
that retailer in ages; and c) this was just
three weeks after news of the Equifax data
breach - a breach, you'll no doubt recall,
that gave hackers the credit information
of an estimated 145 million Americans.
As you can imagine, the entire household went to DEFCON 2. After many
anxious minutes on various holds waiting
for various customer-service creatures to
explain things, she was able to learn that:
yes, there had been no purchases
made on her account;
no, the email was not an accident but
part of a marketing campaign; and
maybe, just maybe, you, the customer,
are correct - using the phrase "recent

purchase" for something bought
almost a year ago was less than ideal,
especially after Equifax.
Gee, ya think?
A few days later, she logged onto her
Citi card account to check her statement,
but the site unexpectedly blocked her
from one of its most relentlessly marketed
features - FICO scores. Instead, a popup
message said something like this: "You are
unable to access this information because ...
you recently opened another card in someone
else's or your name."
DEFCON 1. After multiple calls to Citi's
multiple customer service bots, she finally
got to the truth. The site had been having
technical issues, but rather than simply
state "down for maintenance," a web development technician used language that
shifted blame to the customer. Nice messaging coordination there, folks.
Aligning your online and offline marketing efforts is a thread running through
this year's Trends report, which begins
on page 14. One of my favorite questions
asked brand marketers how engaged
their e-commerce and shopper marketing teams are (page 18). One out of 10
confessed, "It's like we've never met." I
suspect it's worse than that, but at least
you now have a common goal: Keeping a
closer eye on your web techs.




* Christopher Brace, Founder &
CEO, Syntegrate Consulting
* Rich Butwinick,
* Brian Cohen, EVP,
Senior Group Director &
Head of Digital Integration,
Catapult Marketing
* Heidi Froseth, EVP, National
Shopper Retail Leader,
Catapult Marketing
* Sarah Gleason, Director,
* Wendy Liebmann, Founder,
CEO & Chief Shopper,
WSL Strategic Retail

* Rick Abens, CEO & Founder,
Foresight ROI
* Kris Abrahamson, VP, Client
Leadership, The Mars Agency
* Neil Ackerman, Global
E-Commerce Director,
Mondelez International
* Courtney Jane Acuff, VP
of Product & Marketing,
* Bill Akins, Chief Client Officer,
Rockfish Interactive
* Christopher Almeida,
Senior Director, Front
Store Marketing & Store
Experience, CVS Health
* Keith Anderson, VP, Strategy
& Insights, Profitero
* Charlie Anderson, CEO,
* John Anton, VP, GM Ace
Business Unit, Valspar Corp.
* Christian Ardito, Senior
Marketing Manager, Soup &
Broth Activation, Campbell
Soup/Pepperidge Farm
* Kevin Baartman, VP,
Information Services,
Lund Food Holdings

* Stephen McGowan, Director,
Shopper Marketing,
Mondelez International
* Sarah Ortman, Associate
Director, National Shopper
Marketing, The Clorox Co.
* Julie Quick, SVP, Head
of Insights & Strategy,
* Michael Tilley, Biscuit
Lead, Shopper Marketing
& Strategic Partnerships,
Mondelez International
* Scott Young, Global CEO,

* Katherine Bailey Doyle, Group
Manager, National Shopper
Marketing, The Clorox Co.
* Susan Barkalow, Director of
Shopper Marketing,
Mars Chocolate US
* Andrew Barker, Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing,
Dr Pepper Snapple Group
* Janet Barker-Evans, SVP,
Executive Creative Director,
* Brandon Barr, Director of
Retail Marketing & Insights,
* Kelly Bartell, VP, Creative
Director, Catapult Marketing
* Gina Bates, Brand Manager,
Shopper Marketing,
* Ken Bausch, VP, eCommerce &
Digital Marketing,
Wellspun USA
* Bill Beck, Senior Director
of Marketing,
Whirlpool Corporation
* Michael Becker, Co-Founder,
Managing Partner & North
American CEO, mCordis
* Wendyjean Bennett, Senior
Director, Media & Experiential
Marketing, Tyson Foods

* Dedra Berg, Senior
Director of Marketing,
Smithfield Foods
* Beck Besecker, Co-Founder &
CEO, Marxent Labs
* Geoffrey Betrus, Team Leader,
Johnson & Johnson
* Amit Bhardwaj, Senior
Director, Customer Loyalty,
Marsh Supermarkets
* Elaine Bragg, VP, Executive
Creative Director, TPN
* Donna Bressler, Se nior
Account Director, I BU,
IN Marketing Services
* Jen Brevick, Group Director,
eCommerce Licensing,
The Coca-Cola Company
* Greg Brewer, Managing
Director, Nestle-Purina
* Shaun Brown, SVP, CPG
& Digital Shopper Lead,
Momentum Worldwide
* Chris Bryson, Founder & CEO,
* Raymond Burke,
E.W. Kelley Professor of
Business Administration,
Indiana University
* Jack Burns, Corporate
Manager, Store Projects,
Ace Hardware
* Tony Bynum, Director,
Client Innovation & Program
Strategy, RTC
* Kendal Callender, Director,
Shopper Marketing,
Albertsons Companies
* Heather Campain, Head
of Shopper Marketing, US,
Johnson & Johnson
* Chris Cancilla, North
American Chief Creative
Officer, Arc Worldwide
* David Cardona, Director of
Shopper Marketing, CAS &
Multi-Cultural Capabilities,
The Clorox Co.
* Emily Carpin, Commercial
Marketing Director, Bourbon
Portfolio, Beam Suntory
* Ken Cassar, Principal Analyst,
Slice Intelligence
* Anne Chambers, CEO,
Capre Group
* Greg Chambers, Group
Director, Digital Innovation,
The Coca-Cola Company

* Oyvind Christensen, Founding
Partner, Flow Insights
* Shelley Christianson, Senior
Manager, Shopper Insights,
The Hershey Co.
* David Ciancio, Principal,
Peak Loyalty
* Dale Clark, Senior Director,
Sales Strategy & Shopper
Engagement, The Hershey Co.
* Bill Clifford, Chief Revenue
Officer, SessionM
* Scott Cole, Principal
Consultant, Capre Group
* Linda Crowder, Senior
Director, Peapod Interactive,
Ahold Delhaize
* Sonia Dalvi, Director,
Consumer Journey/Integrated
Marketing Communications,
* Marie-Agnes Daumas,
Director, Shopper Marketing
Center of Excellence, NA,
Colgate-Palmolive Company
* Sarah Davis, SVP,
Executive Creative Director,
Catapult Marketing
* Matty de Castro, Head of
Industry, CPG, Facebook
* Karen Doan, Senior Shopper
Marketing Manager,
Tyson Foods
* Tom Dolan, SVP, Enterprise
Solutions, MaxPoint
* Meggie Dvorak, Senior
Account Executive, MaxPoint
* Ross Ely, President & CEO,
ProLogic Retail
* Debra Eskra, VP, Media COE,
* Liza Etu, Senior Shopper
Marketing Manager,
The Coca-Cola Company
* James Fraser, GM, NA,
Mosaic Shopper
* Glenn Frazier, Sales,
The Hershey Co.
* Andrew Freeman, Shopper,
Trade, & National Accounts
Marketing Problem Solver,
Campari America
* Beth Freeman, Commercial
Marketing Manager,
Heineken USA
* Tracy Frisbie, Shopper
Marketing Director,
Constellation Brands

* Michele Fuhs, Department
Manager / Head of Premium
Retail Experience, BMW
* Sam Gagliardi, Head of
E-Commerce (SVP), IRi
* Dave Geren, VP,
SFW Marketing
* Brett Gerstenblatt, VP,
Executive Creative Director,
CVS Health
* Bridget Gilbert, Research
Director, Geometry Global
* Bob Gilbreath,
CEO/Co-Founder, Ahalogy
* Byron Gilstrap, Director,
eCommerce Capability,
The Coca-Cola Company
* Jody Goehring, VP, Product,
* Jason Goldberg, SVP,
Commerce & Content,
* Ethan Goodman, SVP,
Shopper Experience,
The Mars Agency
* Alister Greenwood, Head of
Global eCommerce Insights,
Mondelez International
* George Hamilton, Director,
Walmart Foods, Unilever
* Sheryl Hannam, Shopper
Marketing Manager,
Mars Chocolate US
* Mark Hardy, CEO,
InContext Solutions
* Michelle, Harmon-Madsen,
SVP, Brand Partnerships,
Fresh Direct
* Neil Helsper,Senior Creative
Director, Upshot
* Megan Hennigan, Senior
Manager Shopper Experience,
Beverages, Campbell Soup/
Pepperidge Farm
* Ines Henrich, VP, Client Service,
IN Marketing Services
* Mark Herbek, Executive
Research Home Improvement
Council, Partner,
Cleveland Research
* David Hewitt, VP, Consumer
Experiences, Razorfish
* Rhonda Hiatt,
Executive Director,
Strategy & Experience, Clear
* Joy Ho, Marketing Manager,
Fresh Direct

* Kevin Hoppe, Senior Manager,
Shopper Marketing,
Kellogg Company
* Laura Houghton, Director,
Digital Shopper & Capability,
The Coca-Cola Company
* Tiffany Huey, Director,
Shopper Marketing,
Starbucks Coffee
* Ron Hughes, Senior Manager,
Shopper Strategy & Innovation,
The Coca-Cola Company
* Chris Hunt, VP, Client Services,
Catapult Marketing
* Nicole Hutcheson, Director,
Shopper Strategy & Innovation,
The Coca-Cola Company
* Kyle Ingram, Group Account
Director, The Integer Group
* Frank Jimenez, President,
Zoetic Retail
* Zach Johnson,
Director of Advertising Sales,
* Todd Johnson, Senior National
Account Manager, i-Health
* Richard Jones, E-Commerce
Lead, Mars Chocolate US
* Derek Joynt, EVP, General
Manager, The Mars Agency
* Bruce Katsman, VP,
Starbucks Coffee
* Jason Katz, Katz Consulting
* Leah Key, Director, Digital
Media, The Mars Agency
* Ged King, CEO,
SFW Marketing
* Meredith Kiss, Commercial
Marketing Manager,
Heineken USA
* Dan Kitrell, VP, Account
Solutions, Kantar Media
* Lisa Klauser, President,
Consumer & Shopper
IN Marketing Services
* Lionel Knight, SVP, Planning,
* Kevin Kolman, Grill Master,
* Ken Krasnow, VP,
OmniChannel Marketing,
Henkel North America
* Jessica Krauser,
Marketing Director,
Two Labs Pharma Services

* Joe Lampertius, Global CEO,
Grey Worldwide
* Eric Le Blanc, Sr Director,
Tyson Foods
* Lena Lewis, Director,
Shopper Marketing and
Consumer Promotions,
William Wrigley Jr. Co.
* Sara Manke, Director, Insight &
Strategy, The Integer Group
* Anne Martin, Customer
Director, Shopper Marketing,
Mondelez International
* Kane McCord, COO,
ibotta Inc.
* Hannah McKee, Shopper
Marketing Manager, Kroger &
Meijer, Mars Chocolate US
* Erik McMillan, CEO,
* Karl Meinhardt, VP,
Social & Digital Marketing,
Albertsons Companies
* Mike Merna, Head of Brand
Strategy, CPG,
Oracle Data Cloud
* Steve Miller, Director of
Marketing and CRM,
Jo-Ann Stores
* Brian Monahan, Head of
Vertical Strategy, Pinterest
* Matt Moog, CEO,
* Timothy Moore, SVP, Group
Creative Director, Epsilon
* Kyle Morich, Consultant,
Capre Group
* Gregg Morrison, General
Manager, Touchpoint 360
* Curt Munk, SVP, Director of
Planning, FCB/RED
* Michael Murray, CEO &
President, ItemMaster
* Tom Murray, EVP, Sales,
* Fred Musnicki, SVP, Niven
* Peter Naumann, SVP, Trade
Strategy Optimization,
Kantar Media
* West Naze, VP, CPG & Shopper
Marketing, Eyeview
* Ryan Neely, Director of
Digital, SFW Marketing
* Heather Nichols,
Senior Director Business
Development, Inmar Inc.
* Andrew Nodes, Vice President,
Retail Accounts, Instacart

* Jeff Nowak, President & CEO,
Rocket Man Digital
* Tina Odom, Senior Shopper
Marketing Lead, Unilever
* Jennifer Olliges, SVP,
Director Business Leadership
and Integration,
Momentum Worldwide
* Armand Parra, Director,
Insight & Strategy,
The Integer Group
* Chris Perry, Senior Director
of eCommerce,
Kellogg Company
* Jay Picconatto, Marketing
Director, Shopper Marketing,
General Mills Inc.
* Matt Pierre,
Director of eCommerce,
General Mills Inc.
* Cheryl Policastro, VP,
Planning & Perspectives,
* Michael Pollack, SVP, Digital,
News America Marketing
* Ram Rampalli, Global Head
of Content Acquisition,
Walmart Stores Inc.
* Jonathan Rhyan, Senior
Shopper Marketing Manager,
Suncare, Edgewell Personal
* Melinda Rickert, Customer
Director of Shopper Marketing,
Mondelez International
* Brad Robertson, SVP,
Marketing Solutions,
* Amanda Rosen, Group
Senior Account Director,
IN Marketing Services
* Steven Roth, Group Product
Manager, Google Shopping,
Google Inc.
* Stacey Rubin, SVP, Client
Services, Catapult Marketing
* Michael Rudolph, Senior
Brand Manager, Stella Artois,
* Robert Ruijssenaars, Senior
Director, Shopper Marketing,
E&J Gallo Winery

Bill Schober is editorial director of the
Path to Purchase Institute. He can be
reached via phone: 773-992-4430 or

* Chris Russell, Group Director,
Shopper Insights,
The Coca-Cola Company
* Kristen Sabol, VP,
Client Leadership,
The Mars Agency
* Karen Sales, VP of Digital
Partnerships & Shopper
Albertsons Companies
* Joe Scartz, Managing
Director, Digital Commerce &
Integration, TPN
* Carrie Schaefer, Managing
Director, vrios agency
* Wes Schroll, Founder & CEO,
Fetch Rewards
* Michele Shiroma, VP,
Client Services,
IN Marketing Services
* Jennifer Silverberg, CEO,
* Danny Silverman, CMO,
Clavis Insight
* Matt Silvestri, Account
Director, The Integer Group
* Brian Sobecks,
Senior Digital Innovator,
The Kraft Heinz Company
* Paul Soldera, Director of
Research, Purchase Point
* Catherine Spencer, Senior
Shopper Marketing Manager,
* Mark Staples, Associate
Director, Kellogg Company
* Courtney Stark,
Group Account Director,
Geometry Global
* Anne Stephenson, Partner,
Explorer Research
* Jeremey Sudduth, Buyer, OTC,
Walmart Stores Inc.
* Elishaa Summers,
Account Executive,
Mars Chocolate US
* Rob Sundy, Senior Director,
Brands & Marketing Services,
Whirlpool Corporation
* Bill Sussman, CEO, Inmar Inc.
* Dan Swendsen, eCommerce
Manager, Jack Link's

* Julian Tan, Director,
Visual Merchandising,
Bayer HealthCare
* Tiffany Tan Kohler, Associate
Director, Marketing,
The Clorox Co.
* Rich Tarrant, CEO,
* Christina Tazza, Retail
Strategist, Grey Worldwide
* Kelley Thornton, CEO,
Purchase Point
* Chris Timmins, Director of
Marketing, Responsive Retail,
Intel Corporation
* Bob Tomei, President,
IRI Consumer & Shopper
Marketing, IRi
* Jason Tripicchio, Director of
Sales, Club & Drug Channels,
The Lindt & Sprungli Group
* Elizabeth Tung, Associate
Director, National Shopper
Marketing, The Clorox Co.
* James Urich, Trade Marketing
Manager, Anheuser-Busch
* Bob Waibel, Senior Director,
Shopper Marketing,
Conagra Brands
* Julie Walker,
Senior Consultant,
The Mom Complex
* Brian Wallach, VP, AOL
* Andy Walter, Board Director
& Strategic Advisor,
AJW-Advisory LLC
* Duncan Wardle, Founder,
* Jeff Watters, President & CEO,
Ainsworth Pet Nutrition
* Katherine Wintsch, Founder
& CEO, The Mom Complex
* Kim Yansen, Customer
VP, Sales, Value Channel,
Mondelez International
* Jason Young, CEO, Crisp
* Brooke Zec, Senior Manager
Consumer Activation,
Johnson & Johnson
* Debbie Zefting, Director,
Shopper Strategy &
Engagement, Barilla America

Distinguished Faculty and Institute Faculty are the highest-rated speakers, based
on a 4-point scale, by past attendees of our various speaking engagements.

Distinguished faculty have consistently scored high at four or more events.
Faculty have scored high, presenting at least once.

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